Are Social Security Disability Benefits Permanent?

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It is an incredible relief to receive Social Security Disability benefits after an injury or illness that prevents you from working and earning a livable wage. One of the biggest questions recipients and applicants have, however, is whether the payments they receive are permanent. Here is what you need to know about the longevity of SSD benefits.

When Do SSD Benefits Begin?

It isn’t necessary to have a disability for a certain amount of time before applying for benefits. If you are disabled and prevented from doing daily work, a claim can be filed immediately. There is, however, a mandatory five-month waiting period once your claim is approved.

How Long Do Social Security Disability Benefits Last?

SSD benefits will be issued until a person is no longer considered disabled by the Social Security Administration. Eligibility criteria are simple: If you are prevented from working because of your disability, you will continue to receive benefits.

Who Decides Eligibility?

Periodic reviews of medical impairments are conducted by the SSA over the time that a person receives disability benefits to ensure they are still eligible. These Continuing Disability Reviews (CDRs) typically occur if:

  • You inform the SSA your condition has improved.
  • A third party informs the SSA you no longer seem disabled or do not follow treatment protocol.
  • There is medical evidence that indicates your condition has improved.
  • A new treatment for your condition has recently been introduced.

What Causes Benefits to Stop?

If the SSA determines that someone is no longer disabled, benefits will stop. All evidence about the presenting condition will be evaluated. If there is more than one disabling condition, the combined effect of all the impairments on a person’s ability to work will be considered. Review frequency also depends on the severity and nature of a person’s condition and whether it is expected to improve.

Are There Ways to Prepare for a CDR?

The best things a person can do to prepare for a CDR and hope to retain benefits afterward is:

What Is the SSA Short Form?

The SSA “short form” is a two-page CDR form that can take the SSA several months to review. If a long-form CDR is requested by the SSA after the short form, a review can take up to one year to complete. It’s critical to send in the proper documentation and medical evidence to avoid delays – your attorney can help you achieve this without error and ensure that you continue to receive disability payments in the interim.

Get the Social Security Disability Benefits You Deserve

Social Security Disability benefits are only likely to change because a person is no longer disabled, reaches retirement age and receives retirement benefits, or earns too much money for someone on disability.

If you receive disability benefits because of a condition that restricts you from working, get help from the Social Security Disability attorneys at Thurswell Law if you receive a short form from the SSA. Make sure your benefits continue for as long as you need them. Schedule a consultation by calling (248) 354-2222 today. We do not charge any fees until we win.