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The Social Security program provides retirement benefits, but it also offers benefits to people who become disabled and are no longer able to work. This branch of the program is known as Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) and it has been helping Americans meet their financial needs for decades. Obtaining SSDI can be complicated and difficult but, with the help of a SSDI attorney at Thurswell Law, you can achieve the benefits you legally deserve.

SSDI attorney

Benefits of Hiring an SSDI Attorney

One of the biggest hurdles in obtaining SSDI is that people try to apply for these benefits on their own, without legal assistance. When you are unfamiliar with the system, it is easy to miss an important document or detail, which slows down the processing of your application and could result in a denial of benefits.

Getting help from an experienced SSDI attorney makes the process go much more smoothly and ensures that you start getting your benefits as soon as possible. If your SSDI application is rejected, a lawyer will help you appeal the decision and represent you in the proceedings that follow.

Do You Qualify for SSDI Benefits?

To be eligible for SSDI benefits, a person must fit the legal definition of “disabled” as used by the Social Security Administration. It is required that workers be unable to work and fall into the following parameters:

  • Be unable to perform the same work they did before.
  • Be in receipt of a determination from the Social Security Administration that states they cannot do other work because of their medical condition.
  • Have a disability that is expected to last for at least one year or that resulted in death.

There are no partial or short-term disability benefits offered by the Social Security program. But workers must have paid into the system to be eligible for benefits. This means that for SSDI, a person must have worked long enough and recently enough to receive SSDI upon becoming disable. Typically, a worker needs to have earned at least 40 Social Security credits, half of which have been earned over the last decade before becoming disabled.

If you are a younger worker and have not put in as much time but become disabled, you can still be eligible for SSDI benefits with fewer credits. Benefits may also be available for a worker’s widow or widower, disabled children, or wounded veterans. All these little details can be easily missed when you’re trying to make sense of SSDI on your own. A qualified SSDI attorney can help you avoid every loophole and take advantage of every opportunity to ensure that you get your rightful benefits.

File an Appeal for SSDI Benefits

More than half of all applications for SSDI benefits are denied. Getting the paperwork right the first time with the help of a lawyer that helps you avoid being denied by a judge, speeds up the process, and gives you the very best chance of receiving benefits.

If your application is denied, you have the right appeal and request a hearing with an administrative law judge – but will you know what to say under those circumstances? Will you see where your initial application went wrong?

Your appeal can only be for a medical denial, which means that Social Security believes your condition is not severe enough to miss work. But time is of the essence – your appeal must be filed within 60 days of the date of your denial letter. Hiring an SSDI lawyer to take care of this complication for you is the smart way to successfully build your case.

Hire the SSDI Attorneys at Thurswell Law to Secure Your Benefits

If you believe you are entitled to benefits under the SSDI program, schedule a free initial consultation with a SSDI attorney at Thurswell Law immediately. Your chances of being approved for SSDI benefits increase when you are represented by legal counsel. You are only charged a fee if we win your case. Contact us today at 866-354-5544 to schedule your free consultation.