Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

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    What is Supplemental Security Income (SSI)?

    SSI is a needs-based program, and benefits may be available for low-income adults and children with disabilities. Once the low income threshold requirements are met, an individual must then meet the medical requirements to be found disabled. The medical requirements follow the same regulations or “steps” that are used in determining in Social Security Disability Income benefits (SSD).

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    Helping Individuals APPLY for Social Security Income (SSI) OR APPEAL a denied claim

    The experienced Michigan Social Security lawyers at Thurswell Law assist clients with filing their initial applications for SSI and SSDI benefits—AND with appealing a denied claim—every day. Our experienced legal team can assist you with your filing and/or appealing a denied claim and will fight for your right to obtain the benefits you deserve.

    Benefit Denial and Appeal Rights

    It is important to understand that the Social Security Administration denies many applicants at the initial stage. If you are denied benefits, you should not become discouraged. If you are disabled, you have a legal right to pursue benefits and to contact Thurswell Law immediately for a free consultation to discuss your next steps.

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    The process of filing for and obtaining Social Security benefits in Michigan can be unknowingly tricky. The knowledgeable legal team at Thurswell Law can explain every step of the process to you and can assist you with filing your application or appealing a denial.

    To schedule a free consultation or case evaluation with a Michigan Social Security lawyer, please contact us online or call us at (248) 665‑8600.

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    If you are unable to work because of a medical condition, it is important to consult with a Michigan Social Security Disability / SSI attorney who has the knowledge and experience necessary to help. For more information, or for a free consultation, reach out to Thurswell Law toll-free at (248) 665-8600.